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Yahoo Mail Caller ID

It has finally arrived. When Apple added the CallKit technology to iOS 10, we immediately saw the potential for tapping Yahoo Mail to deliver Caller ID to our users. The idea is that people have hundreds of phone numbers in their inbox from email signatures or inside messages and by gathering these together we can show who someone is when they call simply because they had sent you an email.

Yahoo Mail Caller ID

This is getting some decent press and you can read more about it at Tech Crunch or at Digital Trends.

Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap - Hyde Park

Here is a photo taken by my Aunt Pat on my graduation day from University of Chicago. My father had asked for me to buy him a beer to pay him back for sending me to college, so we all headed over to Jimmy's, including my Granny Jo, to celebrate. Good times.

Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap - Hyde Park

Verizon buys Yahoo!

Yahoo! has had a $4.83 billion dollar offer made by Verizon to purchase it's operating business! Everything that people think of as Yahoo will be wrapped up in a new company and combined with AOL to better extend our search and ad platforms while bringing in substantial user growth.

Yahoo Verizon

Lots of changes are obviously ahead of us, but everyone seems pleased with the deal. I hope they don't ask me to move to New Jersey.

Hackday Overall Winner!

Today at Yahoo!, I won best overall hack for the Q2 2015 Hackday. There were over 140 hacks from more than 450 fellow Yahoos competing in several categories. This was reduced to 40 finalists who were given 90 seconds to present their hacks to a panel of judges. These were all amazing, so I consider myself lucky to have been chosen as the overall winner.

Yahoo Hack-day Award

The whole experience was great. I met a lot of people who enjoyed seeing my hack and who said they could not wait to use it themselves. Unfortunately, I cannot say what my hack is due to company policy, but perhaps someday it will become something everyone will enjoy.

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