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Yahoo becomes Oath

So my employer changed. Verizon has finished purchasing the Yahoo operations and we are being combined with AOL to form Oath. My team is not being affected much in this transition, but as we combine forces, I'm sure we will see some changes.

Oath Yahoo AOL

One big perk, Verizon discounts on mobile perks and services. Sweet!

Yahoo Mail Caller ID

It has finally arrived. When Apple added the CallKit technology to iOS 10, we immediately saw the potential for tapping Yahoo Mail to deliver Caller ID to our users. The idea is that people have hundreds of phone numbers in their inbox from email signatures or inside messages and by gathering these together we can show who someone is when they call simply because they had sent you an email.

Yahoo Mail Caller ID

This is getting some decent press and you can read more about it at Tech Crunch or at Digital Trends.

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