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TiVo HME Xcode Template

Xcode allows for the creation of Project Templates and I put together one for creating TiVo HME Java applications. The template uses the Ant build system and will generate a basic Hello World screen in the project's main class. When you build and run the project, the HME Simulator bundled with the template will be launched and loaded with your project, so making changes and seeing the results is very easy.

If you would like to try it out, download the template here. To install, drag the Project Templates folder to you Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode folder. If you already have a Project Templates folder, then just move the TiVo folder inside the Project Templates folder of the DMG. Launch XCode and create a new project. You should see a User Templates section with a TiVo option and be able to start writing HME apps.

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