Brad Dominy

vCards to Clipboard

A utility that puts the names of people into the clipboard from vCards. The cards can come directly from Address Book by selecting a group of cards and then dragging them onto the droplet.

Copy and paste into AppleScript Editor and then save as a droplet if you want to try it out.

on open vcards
set out to ""

repeat with this_vcard in vcards

    set p to POSIX path of this_vcard
    set s to "grep \"FN:\" " & encode(p) & "| cut -c 4-50"
    set out to do shell script s
end repeat

set the clipboard to out
end open

on encode(this_path)
set tmp to ""

repeat with i from 1 to length of this_path

    set ch to character i of this_path

    if ch is equal to space then set tmp to tmp & "\\"

    set tmp to tmp & ch
end repeat
return tmp
end encode

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